What Is SCS Card Technology Inc.?

SCS develops smart card-based solutions for healthcare. This process involves assembling and integrating our proprietary IP products that can best serve those clients' needs, and aggregating the partnerships that will make each program work for the maximum benefit of SCS and our clients. SCS Card Technology Inc. provides healthcare-related clients with scalable, multi-applications on one proprietary card.


SCS Card Technology Inc. is a closely held corporation. The company has a wealth of experience in Research, Development and Marketing.

Smart Cards

IC contact cards - Smart Cards - have been with us for 40 years. In that time, the technology has reflected steady advances in chip capabilities and capacity, as well as increases in the number and variety of applications. Most smart cards provide one secure purpose such as a train or bus ticket, secure ID or facility access. SCS has gone far beyond those single applications and with the creation of a multi-purpose, very smart card.