SCS Services

The rapid increase in the amount of per-person healthcare data proves the necessity of easily-accessed patient care information with high-security privacy safeguards.

SCS Multi-Application Healthcare Smart Cards address these challenges with instantly accessible Electronic Health Records (EHR) - from emergency primary information for 1st Responders and Triage; to high-security patient histories, lab results and benefits calculators.

SCS smart cards carry the cardholder's most current information including:

First Responder Data


Doctors Office Data


SCS Card Technology Inc. uses CPU/MPU Microprocessor Multifunction Cards with on-card dynamic data processing capabilities.

Multifunction smart cards assign card memory into independent files assigned to specific functions or applications. The card’s chip is therefore, a microprocessor that manages the memory allocation and file access.

These microchips are comparable to the chips in all personal computers. When implanted in a smart card, they manage data in organized file structures.

This software controls access to the on-card user memory, permitting different and multiple functions, and different applications to reside on the card, allowing a diverse number of applications through the card.

Pharmacy Data

The SCS Difference

SCS Card Technology Inc. provides expandable, secure, multiple smart-card solutions integrated on one proprietary multi-function microprocessor chip. This means that an SCS smart card can provide significantly more to any client.